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John Hudson Mayfair

john ssl

Grammy Award winning recording-mix engineer
record producer
Mayfair Recording Studios, London UK.
Mixing Music with John Hudson

Mayfair Studios Tech Spec

For the afficionados here is even more info about the set-up in Studio 1 and 2

Studio One

Mixing Console:

SOLID STATE LOGIC XL9000 K Computer 64 Channels 'G' & 'E' eq switchable. and Total Recall 5.1 Mixing direct control of all digital recording systems, protools, radar , etc.
Mixing to Video
3 machine Lynx Synchroniser
Sync 48 Track to Video


with sub bass powered by Chord amplifiers
BSS Analogue crossovers.
JBL Sub-cross over at 60 Hz M &K 5.1 surround system

Multitrack Machines:

Protools HD2 24/48 track
Studer A827 24 track 16 Track 2 inch available Sony or Studer DASH 24 / 48 tracks Mitsubishi X850 Digital (Digital Multitracks at extra charge)

Mastering Machines:

Studer RC and VU half-inch Tascam DA60 Dat, timecode Sony PCM-R500 Dat 6 channel Phillips Super Audio/DVD

Delays and Echo:

AMS DMX1580S, x 2, 6 + 3 secs AMS RMX16 Lexicon 480L EMT Stereo echo Plate. AKG BX10 reverb Quantec Room Simulator, Stereo. TC 2290 Yamaha REV 7 Eventide 910 Harmoniser Eventide H3000SE Lexicon PCM70 Publison DMH89 Yamaha SPX90 x 4 Ibanez SDR1000+ (Sony clone) BEL Flanger BF20 DBX120 BoomBox

Compressors Expanders & EQ:

Neve Compressors x 2 model 2254 Neve MIC/EQ x 3 model 1063 Urei 1176 x 2 & 1178 x 1 Kepex Gates x 3 A &D F760 Compressors x 2 DBX 902 x 2 DBX 160 compressors x 2 EAR Tube limiter Massenberg GML EQ Pultec genuine Tube EQ x 2 Klark Technic Graphic EQ Amek 4-band Parametric EQ x 10 Drawmer DS201 gates x 2 LA2A Teletronix Limiter
studio 2

Studio Two live room with Bosendorfer Grand Piano

main studios

Mixing Console:

NEVE VR60 60 Channels Flying Faders, recall and events Lynx Synchroniser &CCU in console


Dynaudio M3 main monitors + Sub Bass Chord amps, BSS 3 way Xovers NS10 AR18 Auratone Quad 303 or Yamaha amps

Multitrack Machines:

Protools HD2 24/48 track
Studer A827 24 track & Locator/Remote 16 Track 2 inch available Sony and Studer Dash 24/48 digital Mitsubishi X850 32 track digital Digital Multitracks at extra charge

Mastering Machines:

Studer RC and VU models, half/quarter Tascam DA60 Dat, timecode. Sony PCM-R500 Dat
Bosendorfer Grand Piano (Included in Rate) with midi out.

Delays and Echo:

AMS DMX1580 x 2 dual units AMS RMX16 Lexicon 480 L EMT Stereo echo Plate Eventide H3000SE TC 2290 Eventide 910 Primetime II Lexicon PCM70 Ibanez SDR 1000+ (Sony clone) Yamaha SPX 90 x 2 Yamaha SPX 1000 Bel Flanger BF20

Compressors Expanders & EQ:

Neve 33609C stereo compressor Massenberg GML EQ Teletronix LA2A (pair) Urei 1176 x 2 and 1178 x 1 Kepex Gates x 2 A &D Limiter Compressors F760 DBX 902 d-essers x 2 EAR TubeLimiter Drawmer Gates DS201 x 2 Yamaha 2010 limiter Orban Parametric EQ Summit EQ Amek Parametric EQ rack x 6 Mayfair 'Green' EQ rack x 3

Extras (Extra charges) Extra Protools in/outs Logic Audio Radar.
Sync to Video . . also Any piece of equipment available on hire... .....within the hour!!

control room 2

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