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John Hudson Mayfair

john at the ssl

Grammy Award winning recording-mix engineer
record producer
Mayfair Recording Studios, London UK.
Mixing Music with John Hudson

Mayfair's famous Studio 2 with marble floor

Spice Girls
Shazney Lewis
Florence and the Machine
Jeff Beck
The Kooks
Lily Allen
Paul McCartney
The Streets
Simon Webbe
All Saints
Jack Penate
Fun Lovin Criminals
Scissor Sisters
Craig David
Yusuf Islam
Jamie Cullum
Amy Winehouse
Malcolm Maclaren
Pink Floyd
David Bowie
Darren Hayes
Paulo Nutini
Robin Gibb
Take That
Nigel Kennedy
Chemical Brothers
Jimmy Page
Robert Plant

Stevie Wonder
Brian McFadden
Diana Ross
Jack Johnson
Arctic Monkeys
Annie Lennox
Leona Lewis
Olympic Games Theme
Tina Turner
X Factor
Mariah Carey
Herbert Gronemeyer
Herbie Hancock
Eric Clapton
Leo Sayer
Elton John
Tom Jones
Rod Stewart
James Reyne
Bryan Adams
Phil Collins
Cliff Richard
Kylie Minogue
The Who
Joe Cocker

London's Top Studio 1970 - 2008

All titles with artists are listed on Mayfair Hits pages

Great sounds. Classic tracks thru time

The studios closed in 2008 - but the sounds live on......

Our story about Mayfair . . .

Almost everyone who came to the studios believed in the Mayfair magic, and because they believed it, magic happened. The magic lasted for 30 years and it touched everyone who was part of the magic ride.

kates book

But why DID Mayfair close!!
Kate has written a book about navigating Mayfair Studios through the financial crisis of 2008, a crisis which is still continuing round the world to this day. The dramas, the crazy situations, what would you have done. A thriving business in the clutches of imcompetent professionals. Be warned.

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Keep Scrolling for History tour and photos.

Mayfair History Tour

The Early Years

jk with discs

JOHN AND KATE with their first gold and platinum discs

Designed and owned by John Hudson and his wife Kate, Mayfair Recording Studios was a haven of creativity, a place where recording artists could come, relax and work in peace. They loved the atmosphere at Mayfair and so many hit records came out of the studios it was as though Mayfair somehow sprinkled magic on the artists tracks.

Mayfair began in the 1960's at 64 South Molton Street in London's Mayfair. The little company was poor then, but amazingly successful. We moved to beautiful Primrose Hill in 1981 and the week we moved from the old studio we had 5 records in the Top 20. It was as though the magic came with us. In the following years the new Mayfair grew to become one of the most respected and successful studios in the world.

Why was Mayfair so different?

When Kate and John Hudson took over Mayfair in 1979, the studio had no money. Other studios had better equipment, and Mayfair had nothing unique to sell but their enthusiasm and caring.

This was a lesson never to be forgotten. It became a way of life, and from the moment you walked through the door at Mayfair you could notice the difference. Everybody cared about your project, and wanted it to be successful. They wanted you to walk out that door happy, and with a hit record on the way. That's what Mayfair was all about.

Music touches everybody - our global community now spans 105 countries speaking 49 different languages.

SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE PICTURES OF THE STUDIOS and detailed spec for each studio.

Studio 2 control room



The large console, known as the Pink Neve because of it's pink trim!, was positioned close to the 4 way Dynaudio monitor system giving ample room for the large leather sofa, and loads of keyboards and racks, as well as the five bays of outboard effects.

Purple Sofa


Bosendorfer full size grand piano included

Scroll down to see more pictures....

mayfair studio 2 with marble floor

STUDIO ONE control room



The console was centrally placed in the room giving a very accurate sound reproduction. There was a very large window and glass sliding doors to the studio areas

Live room 35 x 18 ft/ 11 x 6 m. divided into live end and dead end plus a separation booth connected by sliding glass doors.
The live room is ideal for a 3/5 piece band & tracking- excellent separation.

3 pictures

Mayfairs Writing & Programming Rooms


Artists and Producers would come to Mayfair to do all their programming in these smaller studios/writing rooms with professional audio facilities & acoustics. It was a terrific atmosphere

Even if you were using your own equipment, Mayfair had all the full recording studio facilities right in the building, with tons of gear, miles of cables, connect anything to anything. They could make up special leads on the spot, and had experts to get you going when you crashed!


This studio was favoured by new young artists and producers and many now famous names started their careers here such as Lily Allen, Sugababes, Amy Winehouse and Fun Lovin' Criminals.

To cater for the widest range of uses: bands, composers, record producers, advertisers, audiobooks, radio & TV production, podcasts this room provided, recording & tracking single instruments, Protools, mixing to picture, voice-overs and pre-production & writing.

picture 5


Small Writing room with separate Live room, window between.

Originally this was the room we used for meetings, but Annie Lennox asked if she could use it as a writing room when she was writing "Walking on Broken Glass" and then the Bee Gees used it for a writing room whilst they were recording their album "One" in Studio Two, so that was it - no more meeting room. Matt Rowe later became a permanent fixture for 6 years in this compact little control room with adjoining live room and mic tie-lines. He spent many hours there working on Spice Girls tracks and writing new songs.

Nellie Hooper wrote and recorded the music for "Titanic" in this studio.

picture 6


Studio 5 : 7m x 5m on 2 levels
A writer's/programmer's paradise. It had luxurious spacious room with daylight. Stairs to own mezzanine lounge tv area. Adjoining large office with self contained kitchen and and bathroom. Herbert Groenemeyer used this as his own special studio for 5 years. In recent years Rick Knowles worked there with artists such as Keith Urban.

A writer's/programmer's paradise. Luxurious spacious room with daylight. Stairs to mezzanine seating/tv/chill area.

picture 5


Studio 6 : 6m x 5m on 2 levels
Guy Chambers and Robbie Williams persuaded us to build this room for them by converting our office space into a studio. There was a spacious main room with superb drum booth, rooflights with daylight. It had stairs to a private mezzanine seating area with tv and kitchenette. Needless to say we ended up with our office up in the loft which was the only space left in the building!


Click on the pictures for more technical info for Studio 1 and Studio 2.
For Studios 3, 4, 5 and 6 all relevant information is listed above.

3 studios

Tell us your story. . . . .

Have you recorded at Mayfair, or have some memories you want to share with us?

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